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World History Honors
Ancient Civilization Research Assignment

Politics, People, and Polytheism
Besides the fact that ancient civilizations are fascinating to study, it’s important to study and research this segment of the past because it’s the forefront of human history.  As we study and learn more about those that came before us, we come to understand and learn more about ourselves, in modern times.  The contributions from earlier civilizations have shaped the world that we live in today, so let’s give them some time and attention and learn about the innovations and the people that developed them!
This assignment will be made up of 3 parts:
1.         Research:  How are the 8 features of a civilization exemplified in one of the ancient civilizations of our world’s history?  Choose 1 ancient civilization to research and then choose 6 of the 8 feature that were reviewed in class, and write a paper that provides an in depth description of how those features fit the definition of a civilization for that particular civilization.

2.       Create a map of the region around the civilization that you chose to research.  In addition to showing where in the world your civilization is, choose important physical features to accentuate on your map.  The map must be your original work (cannot be a printed out map).  You may choose to do it one dimensional or add some flair and make it 3-dimensional.

3.       An Artifact:  Create, from the resources that you have available to you, a facsimile of an artifact that would “tell a story” about your civilization.  Be creative with your idea and include a written summary of what the artifact is and what it was used for.

Nuts and Bolts: 
*      You must use at LEAST 3 sources and at least 1 must be a physical source (non-digital).
WIKIPEDIA, and the like, do not count as a valid source
*      A Bibliography must be included.
*      Research paper must be typed and in MLA Format
*      Presentations:  You will present your artifact and a brief summary of 3 important features that you learned about your civilization.  This presentation will take place with small groups.
Civilizations to choose from:

§  Mesopotamia                                     
§  Ancient Greece                      
§  Ancient Mayans                                 
§  Ancient Romans
§  Ancient Aztecs                                                           
§  Persians
§  Incas                                                   
§  Ancient China
§  Ancient India (Indus River Valley

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