Ancient Civilization Project

World History CTP
Ancient Civilization Research Assignment

Politics, People, and Polytheism
Besides the fact that ancient civilizations are fascinating to study, it’s important to study and research this segment of the past because it’s the forefront of human history.  As we study and learn more about those that came before us, we come to understand and learn more about ourselves, in modern times.  The contributions from earlier civilizations have shaped the world that we live in today, so let’s give them some time and attention and learn about the innovations and the people that developed them!
The Product:  Choose ONE of the following methods to present your information through:

*      A Primer (Alphabet book)
*      PowerPoint                            
*      Essay
*      Poster
*      Booklet
*      Podcast
*      Video

Part I:  Geography: Describe the physical geography of any two of the Ancient Civilizations.  In a chart, compare how the geography is similar and how it is different.  Write a paragraph that analyzes how this geography influence the way of life for ONE of the civilizations.
Part II:  Way of Life:  Choose ONE:
a.      Research one of the ancient civilizations that you are curious about and then create a one
page (8 1/2 x 11) advertisement persuading visitors to come and visit that civilization.  Include 5-7 facts that make that civilization interesting.
b.      Write a journal entries through the eyes of a person living in that ancient civilization; include 5-7 pieces of information about what daily life was like.
c.       Write a letter to the editor describing why one of the civilizations (of your choosing) is the
best and why.  Include 5-7 facts.

Part III:  8 Features of Civilizations:  Choose one of the features of a civilization (ex. Complex religion) and research that feature for two ancient civilizations.  Compare and contrast their differences and similarities.   What conclusions can be drawn about what you learn?
Part IV:  Accomplishments:  Research, report and explain on at least 3 major developments that one of the civilizations were known. Write a reflection that is a paragraph long about what your thoughts regarding these accomplishments.
Nuts and Bolts: 
*      You must use at LEAST 3 sources, WIKIPEDIA and Facebook are not valid sources.
*      A Bibliography/ Reference sheet must be included (MLA format)
Civilizations to choose from:

§  Ancient Israel
§  Ancient Aztecs
§  Ancient Mayans
§  Ancient Egypt
§  Incas
§  Mesopotamia
§  Ancient China
§  Ancient India (Indus River Valley)

Extra Credit (up to 15 points):  Create, from the resources that you have available to you, a facsimile of an artifact that would “tell a story” about your civilization.  Be creative with your idea and include a written summary of what the artifact is and what it was used for.

Scoring Rubric:

Communication as it relates to organization and clarity
Superb organization of thoughts and purpose; main points explicitly identified, fluid, and explained with masterful detail and confidence.
Strong organization of thoughts and purpose; main points effectively identified and explained with interesting and logical detail.
Some organization of thoughts and purpose; generalized points that are fragmented and difficult to follow.

Little to no organization; scattered thoughts with no clear purpose.
Knowledge of Ancient Civilizations
Exceptional depth of knowledge of.  Topics are developed and elaborated upon.  Reader is left with little to no questions.
Proficient depth of knowledge demonstrated, appropriately; utilizes logical and effective supporting evidence.
Knowledge lacks elaboration or is incorrect at times.
Supporting evidence is weak.  Reader is left with some questions.
Confused and/or inaccurate grasp of knowledge with limited capability; little to no elaboration; little to no supporting evidence.
Reader is left with many questions
Outstanding dissection of information and conclusions drawn.
Excellent dissection of information, conclusions drawn could be elaborated upon.
Fair amount of dissection of material, conclusions drawn could be elaborated upon or are missing.
Lack of analysis
Exceptional formatting, neatly organized, easy to read.  Visual aids compliment information
Formatting and organization are well done, easy to read.  Visual aids compliment information
Formatting is confusing, information is somewhat disorganized.  Visual aids are irrelevant or non-existent
Confusing and unorganized.

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